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Viritual Bookkeeping Services

Schloemer Business, LLC provides superior bookkeeping services to individuals and small business owners anywhere in the U.S. Work from the comfort of your home. LEARN more...

Small Business Plans

Schloemer Business, LLC can help you structure your small business plans, a key to success and getting approved for bank loans. LEARN more...

Immigration Tax Services

Schloemer Business, LLC provides immigration bookkeeping services for income tax, tax filing, W7’s preparation services. *Language translation ability. LEARN more...

About Schloemer Business, LLC – Virtual Tax Preparation & Bookeeping Services

Hiring and maintaining an in-house bookkeeper and tax preparer you can trust is challenging. It’s also expensive hiring big bookkeeping companies. Today, many individuals and business owners realize the value of virtual bookkeeping and tax preparation services. Schloemer Business, LLC is one of the leading bookkeeping and tax preparation services based in the Atlanta, Georgia that helps business owners throughout the country.
Whether it’s helping clients who’ve gotten behind with their bookkeeping, tax issues, assisting with setting up Quickbooks, consider Schloemer Business, LLC as your best virtual bookkeeping option. Throughout the country, business owners trust the quality bookkeeping and tax preparation services that Schloemer Business, LLC provides. They utilize the latest technology, professional tools and resources to provide exceptional services to their Atlanta area and national client needs.
You no longer need to stress, Schloemer Business, LLC is equipped to handle all your bookkeeping and tax preparation needs whether it’s short term bookkeeping projects, to full service tax preparation, bookkeeping, and immigration services such as acquiring an Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), handling W7s and more.
Relax. Schloemer Business, LLC is an efficient virtual bookkeeping and tax preparation company that will make your personal and business life much easier.

Schloemer Business, LLC offers smart Tax Preparation & Bookkeeping Services that saves you time and money, to maximize your business and gain larger returns on your investment. We work virtually to help you anywhere in the United States… heck, we work with clients around the world!

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What Our Clients Say!

“They care about their clients and help them be better business people who can focus on growing their business while SBS keeps the books organized. Pam is efficient with her bookkeeping business. When I get her financial statements for mutual clients, I know that every income and expense item has back-up documentation… -Stuart J.

“I need a trusted professional like Pam from SBS to handle my invoices and receipts . . . They have saved me a lot of money! As a realtor and small business owner, I highly recommend Pam Schloemer’s services. -Linda

“I am a tax attorney and also have held a CPA license for 29 years. I have extensive experience in working with small to medium size businesses in their financial and reporting needs. I am impressed with her knowledge of accounting and the processes by which transactional data is processed, summarized and reported by a business. I can highly recommend SBS as a reliable and knowledgeable provider of bookkeeping and financial reporting services.” -Dana